John’s ability to handle difficult topics: mourning, anger, depression, aggressive behavior, and suicidal tendencies in such a delicate fashion allowed the audience to recognize there are ways out of all those emotions. John kept the audience at ease while addressing those delicate issues.
— Student Life College Cordinator
Youth are now using John and his presentation as a baseline because it resonated with the youth and was presented in a manner that makes it easy to connect with
— Conclave Director
John did a phenomenal job presenting to our at-risk students. The audience can often be a difficult group to engage, however they were captivated by his story and interactive presentation style.
— 8th Grade At-Risk Teacher
Students walked away discussing his message with one another and many expressed a feeling of empowerment and ownership for their own futures.
— 9th Grade At-Risk Teacher
John’s examples helped our youth to see they don’t have to allow the past to hold them back, they don’t have to exchange evil with evil, and they can remind hopeful in all situations
— Youth Pastor, Lutheran Church
The best put together treatment program cannot be successful without people believing in them, John was that person for our youth the night he spoke.
— Program Director, Youth Treament Center
I found the courage to begin to confront my problems after hearing John’s story. He has a way of making people feel brave.
— Student
John’s journey is one that serves a fine lesson for both young people and adults. It’s a story that contrast both dark human emotions and experiences with the thankfulness and growth that show themselves when we make it through those tough times.
— Professor
Anyone who feels in over their head should hear your message, it was inspiring to hear such honesty about dark emotions
— Student
John brought passion and personal experiences to our school, this allowed his message to be actually heard by our students.
— Principal
John has wisdom we can learn from especially with the various challenges we face in this day and age.
— Guidance Counselor
Allowing people into the darker moments of your life and talks so meticulously about them was impressive. I walked away feeling John Paul Derryberry is one in a million type of speaker.
— Student
John is powerful reminder of the impact we can have on others. John’s passion is moving and he has experience beyond his years.
— Training Coordinator
I appreciate the candor and honesty John used with how he dealt with thoughts of suicide. His life and what brought John to where he is now is awesome. I want John to keep doing the great work he does helping students change their lives.
— 9th Grade Teacher
John has special way of connecting with the kids and encouraging them to bring out their best.
— Director, Inner City Youth Before and After School Program
The staff continue to say they got so much out of John’s visit
— Camp Director
John showed me we can connect over the worse moments of our lives and find beauty.
— Student
I encourage any organizations to invite John to work with students, families or groups who are coping with tragedy. His story is a reality check for some and a ray of hope that no matter how life’s blows pull you down, there can be a happier ending.
— Director, Grief Organization
John is a very inspiring speaker and if you get the privilege to hear him take it. you will not regret a second of it.
— Student
Thank you for the GREAT motivation yesterday, Students & staff LOVED it!
— College Administrator
To have me laughing at such serious topic was the key to keeping me engaged. The laughter lead me to realize I can make positive changes
— Student